Tracing a Vehicles Service History

It is often possible to trace the history of your vehicle through either Hendon (for ex-RAF vehicles) or RLC Museum, Deepcut (for ex-Army vehicles). At the moment I am not aware how Royal Navy vehicle histories can be traced (if you know please email me).

Military vehicle history index cards record a vehicle's history from acquisition to disposal using the original index card which can be photo copied for you if it is held (records are not complete).You will need to provide the vehicles service registration (if knwon) and its chasis number. You can use the register link on the left to cross check. There is usually a fee.

The contact details are as follows:


For ex-RAF vehicles:

The RAF Museum Hendon holds Vehicle History Cards for ex-RAF vehicles. The musuem can take up to 6 weeks to deal with information requests.


For ex-ARMY vehicles:

The RLC Museum holds the B Vehicle Military Vehicle History Card Collection. B Vehicles are soft skinned vehicles such as Land Rovers and large goods vehicles.

Link to RLC museum details here

Download a PDF form for applying for history card from RLC museum here

(Though not applicable to this site Bovington Tank Museum hold history cards for armoured vehicles).


Below: Typical RAF vehicle history card

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