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For Sale: I can obtain solid brass quick release buckles at the moment for £7 each including p&p (used to hold extinguishers etc). Contact Paul

For Sale: Ex-Royal Navy fire extinguisher (water). £15 plus p&p. Contact Paul



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Parts Suppliers

GOOD NEWS!!!! After being unavailable for many years 900x16 Bar Grip Tyres suitable for the TACR-1 are now available from Donald Smith of ToTec Tyres:


Cost is in the region of £100 each and inner tubes can also be supplied.




Click HERE for specification.





Please Note: Petlas 900x16 tyres in a Continental pattern seem to be available again from Unity Tyres, Bristol.


Door retainer clips are available from:

They don't seem to have them listed on their site but they were selling them but at about £30 a pair!


If you know of other parts suppliers please let us know!


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