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Manston Fire Museum

The Fire Museum is housed in the Old RAF Fire School building within the boundary of the Ministry of Defense Fire Service Central Training Establishment at Manston, near Ramsgate in Kent. With many fascinating vehicles and fire related items.


South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

See progress on the restoration of TACR-1 30AG43 as owned by South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum


RAF Museums

The Royal Air Force has one of the greatest aviation museums in the world and also one of the biggest. It provides a fascinating insight some of the key events in modern history. With no admission charge the museums offer a free fun day out to families and aircraft enthusiasts alike. The site welcome you to the Royal Air Force Cosford and London Museums.

The London museum (Hendon) holds many official documents including 'APs' (Air Publications) relating to Crash rescue Vehicles. Link here:


'Six appeal' photo gallery

An incredible collection of over 7000 images related Crash Rescue (particularly the RAF) from all eras and covering all types. Not to be missed!


Military Vehicle Trust

A charitable organisation dedicated to the conservation of Ex Military Vehicles.


1-Ton 109" Land Rovers

This site is intended as an archive and database of the 1-Ton Series Land-Rovers, featuring technical info, and details of surviving vehicles. The TACR-1 is a close relation of the 1-ton and was produced from 1969 to 1977.


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