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This site is for owners and enthusiasts of the 'Truck, Aircraft Crash Rescue Mk1' or TACR-1 (pronounced 'TAC'-'AH'-'ONE') as used by the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) and Army Air Corp from the early '70s to the early '90s. The TACR-1 was based on an up-rated Land-Rover series II or III chassis with a crash rescue body built by HCB-Angus of Southampton. 89 were built between 1970 and and 1976 - so a rare vehicle but one with an enthusiastic following!

This site contains a history of the type, a register of all TACR-1s built with the known survivors, official documents associated with the TACR-1, a 'sales and wants' page for owners as well as restoration stories, tips on how to trace a vehicles history and links to related sites.

The 'TACR-1 Register' is a lose collection of enthusiasts for the TACR-1 who have come together to share information and expertise through this site. We are not an official club, just a group who wanted to pool information. We hope, in the longer term, to meet up with as many TACR-1s as possible at a national show such as War and Peace. Year to be confirmed!

We hope you will enjoy the site, and particularly if you are owner, that you find it useful (If you are an owner but have not yet joined the register please get in touch).

Last updated 30/5/12

Paul Hazell, TACR-1 Register administrator


Paul Hazell's restored TACR-1 photographed at night...


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