What is a TACR-1?

A TACR-1 is a 'Truck. Aircraft Crash Rescue Mk 1'. Despite its name it was not the first Land Rover to be used for these duties as it replaced the Land Rover SII based ACRT (AircraftCrash Rescue, Tactical), which in turn had replaced a small number of SI Land Rover tenders.


Who used them?

They were used by all three British Armed services throughout the world at military airfields. None were used by other countries.


What is a an RIV?

An RIV is a 'Rapid Intervention Vehicle'. This was the role that the TACR-1 was designed to fulfill. The current RIV is a much larger vehicle using an Alvis-Unipower chassis.


Why does a TACR-1 have bigger tyres than most Land Rovers?

The TACR-1 was based on an up-rated SII or SIII Land Rover (from 3/4 ton to 1 ton payload). This was nessassery due to the weight of the 100 gallon foam tank and fire fighting equipment. To help cope with this increased load stronger axles, lower ratio transfer gearbox - heavier duty springs, and the most noticeable change - larger 900-16 tyres were fitted.


Why Does a TACR-1 have such a large 'brush guard' on the front?

Spread around the perimeter of airfields were 'crash gates'. These were designed so they could be driven through without opening by emergency vehicles such as the TACR-1 to save time when exiting the airfield to attend a crash. This demanded a heavy duty brush guard to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Below: Typical crash gate

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